Blocking out the residents

I see some similarities between the proposed Skeete’s Bay project and the Crane Resort, both of which have the same principal. While I am not anti-development, I do have some concerns about how these projects can impact the lives of residents in traditional neighbourhoods.

The public should be reminded about the high perimeter wall at Crane Resort that has blocked the view to the ocean and pedestrian access to the beach for many residents who lived nearby for many years. Does anyone know why the badly eroded vehicular access and parking area on the eastern end of the picturesque Crane Beach has not been repaired?

It matters not that the houses at Skeete’s Bay will be single-storey and the setbacks from beach and road may meet the legal requirements, it is how the developer will manipulate the area by placing six-foot mounds of dirt and plant tall, thick vegetation on the perimeter. This has the effect of obscuring the view to the ocean from the roadside, and ensuring residents total privacy – similar to Crane Resort. In other words, the development does not seem a part of the older community.

I would hope we are not repeating the same problems on the south eastern coast that have been nagging issues – beach access and view – for those on the St James and St Peter coastline for many years.

It is not always what is said, but what eventually meets the eye and affects our way of life.

-Carl Harper

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