LIME duping customers

I am emailing you from the UK in response to the letter from Michael Goodman (17/09/2012) with regard to the supposed upgrade of 4mbps.

I went to LIME to complain to customer services about the issue of paying more and receiving less. Their answer was to write out a technical fault sheet with no indication of any time span to deal with the query. Customer services manner was short on being helpful!

I had an email about four weeks later to say the problem had been rectified. I can still only receive 2.07 mbps.

As Michael Goodman states – how are we being duped into paying extra for something that we are not receiving. This will increase my bill by $50 per month. If I opt to receive the lower package the speed will be slower than I am receiving now for the same cost. How can Lime justify this?

If this happened in the UK the office of Fair Trading would intervene.

LIME has us over a barrel!

-Pam Keytes

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  1. J. Payne September 22, 2012 at 4:58 pm

    To Pam. It depends on the technology of high speed Internet being delivered to your premises. All flavours of xDSL decrease in speed the further you are from the Central Office. After 3 miles the inherent technology of ADSL means the signal will be intermittent. ADSL has an emphasis on faster downstream to you than upsteam. IDSL has an emphasis on having and upstream and downstream that is relatively balanced. Ofcourse there are others including SDSL and other ‘flavours’ which tend to be more business focused.


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