School boy attacks youngster with cutlass

Police in Barbados are searching for a secondary school boy who fled the scene of a cutlass attack at Queen’s Street, Speightstown this afternoon.

An eyewitness told Barbados TODAY that the incident, which around 4.30, involved a boy dressed in the uniform of a secondary school in St. Michael and another school age youngster, not in uniform.

The witness said her attention was first drawn to the scene when she heard a commotion and later saw a crowd of school children near the two boys who were in a scuffle. She said she also saw people running towards the fight and then the youngster who was not in school uniform got away, and as he tried to escape, the male student pulled a cutlass from his bag as he was in “hot pursuit.”

“The boy fell and he (the cutlass wielding youngster) started chopping him. He got cuts to his arm and back,” recalled the witness.

She told this newspaper, the attacker eventually stopped chopping, but she did not know why.

“He (attacker) ran in another direction and the victim, got up an walked away,” the informant added. She noted that somebody called the police, but she did not see when the police arrived.

Up to the time of publication, Police Public Relations Officer, Inspector David Welch said investigators were still “piecing together” the details. However, he said that from their initial information, a secondary school boy attacked and wounded a 16 year-old, who is not a student. He explained that reports revealed that the victim was wounded on his right arm and had gone to seek medical attention and the assailant had fled the scene.

Inspector Welch pointed out, too, that his information was that the secondary school which the eye witness named, and this newspaper has declined to publish, was not that school.

However, when contacted, the principal said he would first have to investigate the matter before commenting.(EJ)

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