Cutting on the rise

A section of the audience.

There is a lot more self-cutting going on among youth, and one psychologist says she would not be surprised if some of it can be linked to bullying.

Dr. Beverly Drakes told an audience of mostly parents at a panel discussion last night that in the last the last ten years incidents of cutting had increased, and certainly moreso in the last five.

“I must admit that I have seen in the last 10 years a greater increase in young people cutting. I certainly had not seen it so prevalent here, but definitely and in the last five years tremendously so.

“So the effects are long lasting. They impact on all aspects of your life in terms of personal relationships, career, you have people who doubt themselves still simply because they grew up and there was some bullying in the household; total anxiety, low self esteem. We have to pay more attention to the effects of bullying, both on the victim and the bully.” She said there was also a lot of research now being dedicated to the bystanders, showing that by observing bullying taking place over a long period, it could have a great impact on the observers as well. (LB)

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