COB confirms continued support

The City of Bridgetown credit union is literally putting their money where their mouth is.

They have once again partnered with the National Cultural Foundation to host the second instalment of the Know the Business of Your Art programme.

BOYA is a six module seminar series scheduled over six months which aims to equip cultural practitioners with the skills needed to determine the shape and viability of their artistic enterprise and to understand the fundamentals of financing a business and to develop a solid business plan.

While confirming their continued support at COB’s head office in the City this evening President, Lynette Holder, announced that this year they would take their support even further by committing to provide seed money for some of the participants.

“It is my pleasure to announce today, that at the end of the training programme as the business plans are developed and the business plans are [completed] that COB would go a step further, that is to provide some of the seed funding necessary to help ensure that those business plans go from just an idea to an actual enterprise. We are saying that we are not only supporting this initiative here- the six month programme, but those pitches that will come at the end. Where those students would have developed the business plans and they need money to roll out those plans, put those ideas into fruition the COB will again step up to the plate and provide seed funding for one or a few of those initiatives.

“It is always a pleasure of mine to promote and support any initiative that focusses on developing entrepreneurship… and therefore my board is very much in support of this particular initiative and for two key reasons. Research has been proven time and time again to support the contribution of entrepreneurship to an economy. In a developing world, as well as industrialised economies, it is noted and proven by research that has been done entrepreneurship is the engine of growth for those economies- therefore COB readily got involved to [ensure] that this particular initiative got the financial support it needed to be implemented during this time. Entrepreneurship and self-employed persons continue to contribute significantly to our economy and thus it is in our interest as a credit union to support such initiatives.

The programme begins on September 22, it continues on October 6 and 20, November 10, December 1 and concludes on January 12, 2013.

Participants would be mentored in: Business Incorporations and Intellectual Property Rights Management, Strategic Planning, Financing Creative Enterprise, Marketing and Brand Development, and Operations Management by highly qualified facilitators in their fields. The Saturday classes will be held from 9 a.m to 5 p.m and will be hosted at the Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination at the University of the West Indies in Cave Hill St. Michael. (KC)

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