Apologies for lack of alerts

Over the past week our service provider in the UK effected a major migration of their network. As is to be expected with such a complex move there were complications. On their end they were unable to maintain the quality of service to which we are accustomed.

At our end the impact has been in on our ability to deliver e-mail alerts to subscribers, the inclusion of multimedia into our editions and most importantly the availability of access to our e-paper.

This migration is still a work in progress and while we have their assurance that their technical team is giving this project their full attention, there may still be some complications that will crop up in the short term.

Please feel free to share your experiences with us at support@barbadostoday.bb, through facebook.combarbadostoday and on 417-1000.

We at Barbados TODAY are appreciative of your tolerance over the past week. Your calls, texts and e-mails with questions, complaints and admonishment has been a tremendous source of encouragement for us.

We will continue to press our provider for the speedy resolution of all issues and will keep you informed on their progress as well as our own.

Thank you for choosing Barbados TODAY and rest assured that we remain committed to the delivery of accurate and relevant news.

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