Scouts shoot for stars

The contrail of a Juno ballistic missile which was fired on Thursday, September 13, 2012 from Fort Wingate near Gallup New Mexico caught many residents of Phoenix, Las Vegas and surrounding areas off guard as they awoke to see its brilliant contrail change colours as it was illuminated by the rising sun.

But not even that could compare to the beauty seen in the production of the rockets which were made by the members of the Beaver Scouts who were camping at Scouts Headquarters. These young geniuses did not fire their rockets in the morning or evening sun, but they sure made their rockets as they sought to reach for the stars.

This was the second preparatory camp for these small Scouts who will be experiencing their first overseas outing next month (October) in the island of St. Vincent. When one visited the camp centre, the enthusiasm was clearly there. Leaders were supervising the boys with the production of their rockets, adult helpers were assisting with the preparation of the evening meals, while other leaders and helpers were making sure that the evening’s programme, which would engage the boys’ attention after the meal was ready.

This was excellent preparation for the Beavers who mimicked their proposed overseas programme. It really is not an easy task to take youngsters between the ages of five and seven anywhere unless you are prepared to be extra cautious in your supervision and day by day management of these boys. These adults who were at Scouts headquarters on the week end clearly are exceptional in their commitment to these young boys.

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