Plan or election gimmick?

I am not excited about this $400 million plan for the sugar industry for several reasons:

1. Why do we need a new building when they are several abandoned factories around? Look how Foursquare was returned to profitable use by a private sector initiative and vision.

2. We are unable to stop the decline of sugar production, due to reduced acreage available for planting canes and the inability to research a breed of sugarcane that can yield more sugar per acre.

3. The same name spearheading our sugar industry plans over the years with little or nothing to show for it, other than start the sugar crop on time last few years — and there is a reason for that.

4. The plan smells like another futuristic elections gimmicks similar to the proposed new hospital at Kingsland, new secondary school in Christ Church, updating old laws, Constitution River project, and new cruise terminal (which incidentally is called Sugar Cruise Terminal) Hmmm!

These plans are being rolled out almost weekly. I eagerly await what the other ministers (and the Prime Minister) have to unveil in the coming months.

— Carl Harper

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