Road to success

It is a realistic expectation of virtually every employee in the workplace of being appointed, promoted or recognised in some form or fashion for their efforts. It is not usual that any of these are automatically granted. Employees are generally required to satisfy the employer that they have fulfilled or surpass workplace expectations and/or requirements, by virtue of outstanding qualities inclusive of academic achievements, skills, talents and abilities; and above all, the achievement of a high level of performance in the execution of their duties.

Whereas these measures form the accepted standard, there are persons who because of the experience would be quick to mount a challenge; if only to question whether the practice accords with the theory. The claim may be made that friendship, association, favouritism and nepotism are all creatures of the practice.

The lack of creditable evidence to support any such claim, makes it difficult to pronounce on such happenings. Although there may be some truth to all this, it is best not to advance such an argument since it lies in the realm of speculation.

Employees ought to recognise that they have a significant role to play in charting their road to success. It starts with believing in you. Living a lie will certainly not help. It is about learning from every experience, which drives the individual to constantly seek to improve.

Many persons tend to take things for granted. Where this occurs, complacency sets in. This makes it difficult to accept failure and results in severe disappointment, frustration, demotivation and demoralisation. None of this speaks to the individual being focused and/or positive. One simple way of overcoming failure when you are overlooked in the workplace for appointment, promotion or recognition is to maintain the standards you have set. Even surpassing them should be your new and ultimate goal.

Many who have been overlooked can testify that at the end of the day, they have received just reward or recognition; albeit that it came when they least expected it.

It is advisable that workers come to understand that the workplace can be a competitive environment. Every employee has his/her own dreams, hopes and aspirations. It therefore means that most individuals will be vying for available appointments, promotion opportunities and for recognition from their colleagues and management.

It is a misnomer on the part of employees to believe that apart from a wage or salary, favourable terms and conditions of employment, a safe place of work and respect for their human, constitutional and employment rights, that the workplace owes them something.

Workers should be aware that they must earn their keep. They must have a vision, set their own goals and identify strategies that they will employ to achieve them.

Success does not come overnight, and hence good planning helps to move the process along. It may require persons to upgrade their academic and professional qualifications, and improve their job skills through training and retraining.

Dedication and commitment to duty, the demonstration of loyalty, initiative, a good work ethic, attitude, effective communication, leadership and management skills will make an employee both suitable and eligible for promotion, appointment and workplace recognition.

In describing the road to success, J. Pravs (2009) wrote:

“The road to success is not straight.

There is a curve called Failure,

A loop called Confusion,

Speed bumps called Friends,

Red lights called Enemies,

Caution lights called Family,

You will have flats called Jobs,

But, if you have a spare called Determination,

An engine called Perseverance,

Insurance called Faith,

A driver called God,

You will make it to a place called Success.”

The lesson to take from this is that the road to success may be long for some, but at the end of the day, success can be achieved. What matters is the will to achieve, for this can make a decisive difference.

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