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involved in the accident. Arthur Cumberbatch of Bakers, St. Peter, the driver of the dump truck, told Barbados TODAY the brakes on his vehicle failed and it only came to a stop almost 100 metres away after smashing a utility pole. The truck was extensively damaged.

Cumberbatch complained of severe back pains as he lay in the doorway of a nearby house, awaiting medical attention.

The driver of the container truck, Julian White, of Ellerslie Road, St. Stephen’s Hill, Black Rock, St. Michael did not appear to be physically hurt as he walked around the scene or stood discussing the tragedy with police officers.

Witnesses said the situation could have resulted in a mass casualty with many deaths. Timing, one eye witness suggested, made the difference.

“A whole group of school children from Lester Vaughan and Sharon Primary were walking on the same side the lorry was travelling, but had just crossed over to the other side, some with their parents. A whole set of school children would have been dead,” the witness observed.

As news of Reid’s death spread and family members emerged on the scene, loud cries rang out, some female relatives wailed uncontrollably, bending down in agony or burying their heads in their hands.

At times, other relatives and police had to try to console those who could not contain themselves. Cries were even louder when close relatives were asked to identify the body.

Traffic along that busy road artery came to a standstill before police diverted vehicles through Arthur Seat as police took control of the scene from first responders from the Barbados Fire Service, and cordoned off the area.

Ten fire officers, two water tenders and one rescue vehicle attended the scene, along with two ambulances.

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