Arawak honours stalwarts

Luton Goodman, technical clerk, receiving his award for 30 years of service from Rupert Greene, general manager of Arawak Cement.

The management and staff Arawak Cement Company took time recently to recognise their fellow employees for their dedication and hard work during the company’s annual Retirement and Long Service Awards ceremony at the St. Lucy plant.

Themed “Together … a Brighter Future”, the event saw 63 employees receive long service awards along with two retirees, Lloyd Watson and Aston Henry, who were saluted for their invaluable contribution to the company over the years.

Receiving awards for 10 years of service were Lisa Bannister, Dale Best, Philmore Brome, Bryan Broomes, Anderson Collymore, Gregory Cumberbatch, Neville Cumberbatch, Shane Cumberbatch, Patrice Duke-Knight, Vincent Holder, Pearson Jackman, Sandra Maynard, Tony Morris, Dean Nurse, Janice Springer, Mark Toppin and Beverley Taylor.

Awards for 15 years were presented to James Balram, Horace Beckles, Michael Beckles, Rodney Bovell, Delvin Brathwaite, Daniel Broomes, Alfred Broomes, Malcom Broomes, Dennis Bryan, Terry Burnett, Emrawle Cadogan, Easton Clarke, Dale Cozier, Joseph Cumberbatch, Anson Depeiza, Olivaire Forde, Stephen Forde, Charles Gibson, Clive Godding, Adrian Greaves, Kirk Griffith, Mervin Griffith, Halcot Harris, Neil Harvey and Adrian Headley.

Ashton Henry, Alban Hercules, John Jordan, Reynold Leacock, Errol Lewis, Leslie Maxwell, Tyrone Millington, Primero Moore, Samuel Moore, Errol Perrin, Lennox Phoenix, Keith Rawlins, Asquith Reece, Fiona Sage, Ian Smart, Edwin Sobers, Anthony Springer, Winston Watson, John Wharton and Jeffery Woods also received awards.

Derek Green was the lone recipient of the long service award for 20 years, while Luton Goodman was awarded for 30 years of service having worked at the plant from its inception.

During his address, general manager Rupert Greene congratulated all the awardees and retirees for reaching their respective milestones, noting that the longevity with the company showed that Arawak Cement was doing something right to keep employees committed even during challenging times.

“I am extremely pleased to see so many employees being awarded for their invaluable dedication to this company. We appreciate the hard work and commitment of those who work with us and those who would have worked with us and applaud their sterling contributions,” he said.

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