Supporting the children

Over the last five years, Divi Southwinds has adopted a principle of supporting the efforts of the children of staff members who excel in the 11-plus examination. This week Amunet Morris entered The St. Michael School after emerging as the top student of a staff member with a score of 238.25 and an A in the examination.

Amunet is the daughter of Mark and Glenis Morris. Mark, seen here at work, is a storeroom clerk and has been employed at Divi for the past ten years. Mark started working for the company as a security officer and worked his way to his present position.

Over the years, Mark did not just sit back and hope for the best, but rather took the path of educating himself while working, and currently holds a diploma in computer repairs.

When asked what were his hopes for his daughter, Mark responded by saying that he hoped that Amunet takes full advantage of all the educational opportunities available to her, as she pursues her dream of becoming a brain surgeon. I do not know if she will change her mind in the future, but she is a very determined child who is quite focused on her schoolwork and normally achieves her targets. Amunet has been described by her father as a child who is very outspoken, one who likes reading, athletics and playing chest.

We at Divi are very proud of all of the children we have supported over the last five years and as we watch their progress, we are hopeful that they will go on to be remarkable citizens within our society. We recognise that we are not able to acknowledge all of the children of all of our staff, but we hope that through our efforts, we can inspire all other children to strive for excellence.

Like Mark, there are so many parents working hard every day to provide educational opportunities for their children, with the hope that they will apply themselves and be in a position one day, to make a meaningful contribution to our nation.

Amunet, we at Divi congratulate you on your achievement and we wish your every success in your future endeavours. We encourage you to do only your best at all times.

* Tourism is our business, let us play our part.

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