Size really doesn't matter

Fellas, fellas, fellas, Pres here again wid some ummmm … I guess you could say encouraging words. The world is caught up with alotta stuff that doesn’t really matter — stuff like what’s that new tattoo Rihanna’s got? Stuff like ugly and pretty, slim and fat.

But one thing that really gets our attention is size. We believe bigger is always better. Now I will admit that in some cases this is veryyyyyyy true but for what I’m thinking about, yuh gotta work wid what u got.

Now we know men are always competing. My car is faster, my muscles are bigger, I’m smarter. That kinda stuff and of course the talk about who might be related to mandingo.

Guys, the size of ur tool is the last thing a chick finds out about and by then it’s too late. I keep telling the fellas out by me that they get caught with alotta crap.

It’s also a very small factor when you look at the big picture lol — you saw what I did there? lol…B4 that tlk even comes about, a girl has to have a physical attraction to you and from getting to know u feelings will grow which will lead to them wanting to be with you in that way. I guess you could say by then it’ll be like… whatever. I mean it’s not like u can do anything about it… Embrace what u got to work with and learn to use it to the best of ur ability in order for you to see the results u so desired.

Take Cristiano Ronaldo for instance … the girls them sugar. Do u really think size matters for him? Regardless of what he’s walking around with, women are still gonna flock. Always think about that and stop worrying about it so much. Stop comparing urself to the guys on the blue movies.

Spend more time perfecting your trade and being the best you can be with whatever you given to start with.


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