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LIME workers discussing severance

While General Secretary of the Barbados Workers’ Union, Sir Roy Trotman, said he has no interest in disturbing the industrial relations climate at this time, he expressed concern that LIME continued to change the number of workers they wanted to sever.

The veteran trade unionist also said that long standing members of staff who had expressed an interest in accepting a severance package, had not been allowed to go while younger workers were being severed.

Sir Roy was speaking to members of the media this evening shortly after meeting with more than 250 LIME workers at the union’s Solidarity House headquarters on Harmony Hall, St. Michael.

The union boss said that more than two years ago some workers had expressed an interest in accepting a package but had been denied their request. He also complained that sometimes he had been advised by the company that they wanted to sever 96 workers and subsequently that number would change but in any case he informed management of the telecommunications company that it could not be done without first informing the chairperson of the sub-committe of the Social Partnership, which he pointed out had been done subsequently.

Sir Roy also stated that there were a number of areas where the company wanted to reduce workers.

It has been stated that the company projected that it would experience a declining profit margin, hence the need to reduce the number of workers.

Sir Roy said: “The company wants to deny voluntary separation to older workers, but prefer to sever the younger workers.”

Addressing the issue of franchising out the four retail outlets which currently employ 60 workers, Sir Roy claimed that whoever were awarded the franchises would operate at a loss.

He suggested “you just cannot create entreprenuers”, as, according to him, individuals were either born with that skill or acquire it over time.

He further stated that the workers employed in the four outlets were not the highest paid workers at the telecommunications giant, adding that the 60 severed workers would have to employ an accountant to draw up a business plan.

Meanwhile, a LIME union representative charged that some workers who were given packages previously and promised work by the company never got the work.

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