Fittest man in the land

Michael Austin

The fittest man in Barbados will be revealed on September 22 at the Boatyard, but until then those vying for the title will have to undergo some rigorous physical testing.

While the first preliminary of the competition could be compared to a Sunday morning stroll with the People’s Choice segment, which saw Daniel Neblett winning both the Facebook poll and “Crowd Cheer” the second preliminary, on the other hand, took a more back breaking effort.

The eight competitors of Mr. Caribbean Barbados set out on September 1 to test their strength against a close to 4,000-pound Nissan Nevara pick-up truck, which they had to pull for 50 metres in the “Monster Truck Pull”.

At the end, while all would have expended massive amounts of energy, Rajay Dawson did the best. He pulled the truck in the fastest time of 27.2 seconds and in spite of Alexander Forde’s courageous effort he had to settle for second in 28 seconds.

This is the fourth year of the competition and event director, Evy Bentham, told Barbados TODAY he came up with the idea for the Monster Truck Pull because he thought it was a great idea to test the guy’s strength. Mr. Caribbean Barbados’ aim is to find the best combination of confidence, physical fitness and sex appeal in a man and who could represent Barbados internationally.

The main event is the Fitness and Physique Competition in which contestants will have to survive a 200 metre kayak challenge, a 40 foot obstacle course, a 50 metre tyre flip and a 50 metre sprint.

One of the major changes to this year’s roll out will be the running of the events. In previous years, Bentham said, the men got breaks between each segment but this year the events will occur in succession.

“We will now see who is the fittest of them all,” he added. “The guys are ready, they are very anxious. They are working individually for their final show but they also train together so they are working as a team.”

The overall winner will go on to represent Barbados at the tenth Mr Caribbean International in Jamaica from October 1 to 7. (KC)

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