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supermarket chain paints classroom for toddlers

The young ones at Eden Lodge Nursery School have started the school year in a vibrant and colourful classroom.

Thanks to support, mainly from Super Centre, the outgoing parent teacher association executive has been able to execute the effort in time for the start of the new school year.

The leading supermarket not only provided all the paints required for the painting of the main classroom area which houses nearly 100 students, but the staff of the nearby Super Centre Warrens branch also worked alongside the PTA committee in completing the task.

“We are indeed very grateful for the tangible and in-kind support from Super Centre and its team towards this effort,” said president of the PTA, Jennifer Branch-Maloney. “The painting has certainly provided a much needed facelift in this area and we hope that it will also boost the creativity and spirits of the pupils and teachers who occupy it daily.”

Marketing Manger of Super Centre, Karen Alleyne, who was also part of the painting exercise, said they were excited to build a closer relationship with their neighbouring Eden Lodge community.

“Super Centre has long been a contributor to schools and churches, especially those in areas neighbouring our supermarket locations. Through the recently formed Super Centre in the community programme, we will further channel our efforts to ensure that we make best use of our resources as we to try to make a difference in our communities. The painting of the Eden Lodge Nursery school is one of the first efforts, but will not be the last of such support to the Eden Lodge area.

Also supporting the exercise was Dacosta Mannings Retail Limited, which donated the painting supplies in the form of brushes, rollers, painter’s tape, thinners and sand paper as well as artist/designer Mark Daniel of Avark who willingly offered his expertise in selecting the colour scheme for the room.

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