At your own risk

PORT OF SPAIN — Acting Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams again advised yesterday that if the media needed to cover events in so-called high risk areas they can inform the police of their intentions so that a patrol in the area would be present while the reporters are there.

“We will provide that for you, but we will not be providing the media with any bodyguards,” Williams added.

Williams was questioned following a promotion exercise at Police Administration Building, Port of Spain on the recent spate of violence in the Beverly Hills, Laventille area, where a total of four people were killed.

Four Caribbean Communications Network employees were also fired on while covering the murders there on Saturday.

According to Williams: “We met this morning…all the divisional commanders to discuss the strategies dealing with crime and matters relating to Laventille, following which I had another meeting with the Chief of Defence Staff (Kenrick Maharaj) because as an organisation the TTPS has taken its responsibility as seriously as we can to address crime.”

Special effort

Williams continued: “It would take a special effort by the Police to deal with crime in the East Port of Spain/Laventille area as it is our intention to provide Laventille with that special effort to address the problem as it would take a multi-faceted approach to create the kind of change we would want, but we are confronting the challenges with a clear focus.”

“Eighty to 85 per cent of the murders are committed with guns and we want to reduce the number of guns out there,” said Williams. (Express)

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