Sinckler: CLICO debate coming

Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler makes a point last night.

The Opposition Barbados Labour Party will get the debate on the collapse of CLICO, for which they have been clamouring.

But Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler last night warned Opposition Leader Owen Arthur he may not like how it turns out. Sinckler told a meeting of his party’s St. James South branch that Arthur will have a number of things to answer for when the matter is discussed.

“The time will come when we will have to speak about [CLICO], because he feels that he can hide from his responsibilities,” Sinckler said, noting that the former Prime Minister would have to answer for the failure of regulatory authorities in the CLICO affair.

“That is why he is so anxious for a resolution of this CLICO matter, because he knows there are questions that have to be answered.”

The minister promised Barbadians that the CLICO matter will be resolved by his Government, but not in a manner that puts the future of Barbadians generally at risk.

He said: “We will resolve this CLICO matter, but we will do it in a responsible manner, in a structured manner that does not destroy the Barbados economy. We have a deep abiding responsibility to the 30,000 policy holders and we will work hard on their behalf.

“We will work hard on their behalf. I have been behind it from the time I became Minister of Finance and I intend to get it resolved so those people can get some restitution of their moneys and accounts and their peace of mind and I will continue to do so.

“But I cannot promise anybody that I am going to do it in a reckless manner and at the expense of the other 240,000 people in Barbados. I cannot give that assurance; I apologise, but I can’t do it…” (RRM)

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