Overcrowding in Bahamas schools worsens

NASSAU — Overcrowding has worsened in public schools across New Providence, but particularly in the southern division, where some are accommodating double the number of students they were designed to facilitate, Education Director Lionel Sands reported.

Among the schools whose student populations are booming are Sadie Curtis Primary School, Cleveland Eneas Primary School, Garvin Tynes Primary School, Gerald Cash Primary School, Anatol Rodgers Hight School, C.V. Bethel High School and S.C. McPherson Junior High School.

Sands said each of those schools was designed to accommodate a maximum of 700 students, however, each school has more than 1,100 students registered.

Sands said 1,400 students attend C.V. Bethel and S.C. McPherson High Schools; and 1,300 attend Anatol Rodgers High School.

“We have overcrowding in southwest and southeast New Providence,”‚Sands added. “They have exceeded their capacity in terms of housing the maximum amount of students that are available for those schools.

“What happens is this will invariably increase the class size which, of course, is not the ideal thing for us.

“But of course, the reality is there has been a shift in population from the northern part of the island to the southern part of the island…creating the overcrowding in the south and there has not been, over the years, a recurrent building of schools as we establish these various communities in the southern part of the island.” (Nassau Guardian)

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