DLP's 'legacy of lies'

Senator Kerrie Symmonds

A legacy of wutless lies. That is what Barbados Labour Party Senator Kerrie Symmonds says has been left for Barbados by the Democratic Labour Party.

Telling a full meeting at the Alma Parris School hall last evening that the passage of time did not mean that Barbadians had forgotten what late Prime Minister David Thompson had done, Symmonds argued that the party had a history of promising projects and not delivering.

He pointed specifically to the planned development at Pickerings, which was one of the last opened by Thompson, noting that the late leader had gone to St. Lucy to turn the soil on the project, promising much development for the north. This development, he stated, like many others, has still not materialised.

“He said Pickering was about to turn soil and it was going to consist of thousands of houses, condominiums, town houses, shopping and commercial centre. It was going to have a hotel, vendors market; there was supposed to be an industrial park, a fish farm, a civic and heritage complex, if you please; an amphitheatre for the dramatic arts; it would have its own private school and a day care centre. It would have a recreational area for the young people and it would have a private bus terminal and also a taxi stand. Where is it now?

“It was in the same way that he went to Four Seasons. Every six months he or Chris Sinckler has been to Four Seasons and has said that Four Seasons ready to start. Where is it now?

“And of more recent vintage, yesterday’s papers will tell you about the lovely artistic impression that is supposed to be a new terminal for cruise facility in Barbados. So there is a legacy in this Democratic Labour Party of a wutless lie, a big nasty lie and that is how they came to office, don’t let us forget it. Wunna forget de interest-free mortgages and de duty free motor cars?” he asked as the crowd responded, “No!”

He further charged that also where the DLP had promised that the cost of living would be job number one, two and three, the only thing that has happened since the party came to power was for costs to “skyrocket” in the island.

Symmonds said last year he brought a parliamentary question on what would happen to the basket of goods vis a vis taxes and VAT, to address the cost of living.

“The only thing the Labour Party can do is use de Parliament. So we used it and we put de question. Today is September of 2012, that parliamentary question remains unanswered by Haynesley Benn, but it is more than a parliamentary question. It is a breach of the public’s trust,” he stated. (LB)

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