Cleric: Too much fraud

Dean of St. Michael’s Cathedral, Dr. Frank Marshall has expressed concern about what he sees as a particularly high incidence of fraud in Barbados.

Marshall told a church service marking the official opening of the Legal Year, 2012-2013 at St. Mary’s Anglican Church this morning, that while some “little” people had been convicted and imprisoned for a “number of local crimes”, he was especially concerned about the high incidence among those who were prone to fraud in the name of business success.

“The Allen Stanford saga has been close enough to us as to sound a certain caution to us for our protection and benefit,” the senior cleric noted.

However, he suggested that Barbadians needed to concern themselves where it was found that there were local white collar citizens and residents who transgressed; but who would argue an entitlement and right to absolution on the grounds they were taking strategic steps in furtherance of business development and prosperity.

The Dean said he believed there was a sense in which the advances of the present time had generated a measure of disquiet and dislocation, as well as doubt and distrust.

He was of the view that the forward and cohesive march of any society or group would depend on clarity as to the direction in which they are to go.

“We have long learnt as a caution, that where there is no vision the people perish. This and every society needs to discover that course which best advances it, but along a path of stability and a reasonable prosperity, without it having to lose or sacrifice aspects of that, which through time had anchored it in a relatively safe place, ensuring stability and good order,” added Marshall.

He said he thought the critical challenge which Barbadians faced was that of a self-differentiation by which persons distinguished between what best advanced their cause and what could ultimately be their bane. (EJ)

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