Caring for seniors

Re: Affairs of the elderly by Alicia Archer

This article is presented with clarity and a conclusion that is easy to defend. With the projected increase in the aged population and the knowledge that as age increases so does the prevalence of cognitive impairment the need for attention in this area is instant

Archer says “it would perhaps be a good idea to introduce legislation relating to living wills and trusts which would allow persons to give directions for their own care and other matters deal with in this article in case of serious mental or physical capacity”.

She also goes on to say that it would be helpful to separate these proceedings from those dealing with “persons committed to psychiatric institutions for reasons which should be so obvious”.

This observer agrees and strongly suggests that it is time for such legislation to be enacted by our current legislators who should be considering their own future as well as that of the greater community.

Many jurisdictions have implemented legislation on the subject of substitute decision making for health and financial matters and in any approach in Barbados, these matters must be addressed outside of the purview of the Mental Health Act, which may itself be in need of a review

— G. (Gus) A. Hollingsworth



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