Call for relief

Barbados Labour Party candidate for the St. James North constituency, Edmund Hinkson, is calling for urgent attention to be paid to the flooding problems faced by residents of Trents and Trents Tenantry, St. James.

Hinkson, who recently toured the district and spoke to several residents, told Barbados TODAY that the frustration of the people living in the communities was now acute. He said it was not a political problem but a social one that demanded relief to be provided by the political directorate.

The attorney-at-law noted residents had drawn to his attention that due to inadequate drainage in the area, fewer than 30 minutes of rain usually spelt major flooding problems.

Hinkson said he was willing to go with the drainage unit and pinpoint the areas where the situation was at its most problematic and where a greater effort at improving drainage would assist the long-suffering residents. He explained that one of the difficulties in the area was that the wells were too small, too few, and quickly became clogged with debris.

Hinkson indicated he was aware that the ministry responsible for drainage was about to bring on an additional 250 people to deal with related matters. He added that it would be prudent of Government to take the traditional flooding problems on the west coast into consideration when they allocated their new drainage personnel.

“These people have been enduring this situation for far too long,” Hinkson stressed. (WG)

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