Barbados praised for trafficking efforts

From Left: US Ambassador Larry Palmer, Patricia Hackett-Codrington and Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite.

US Ambassador Larry Palmer has praised the efforts of Barbados to stem trafficking in persons, while educating officials on the problem.

Palmer told a training workshop at the University of the West Indies this morning that about 12 million people fell victim to trafficking worldwide, noting that both Barbados and the US shared a belief in the rights of persons to be free of such horrors.

After lauding the efforts of Barbados in hosting the two-day training workshop during the opening ceremony, the ambassador told media that the issue of trafficking was one that existed in all countries.

“I am really pleased with the steps that Barbados is taking to fight this problem and I hope that it will be a sterling example for all of the countries throughout the Eastern Caribbean,” said Palmer.

He explained that each country had it’s own Trafficking in Persons report, and while he could not pinpoint the details in Barbados’ report, he noted: “What I would like to see, not only throughout the United States, throughout the Caribbean, throughout the world, is more catching or apprehending these violators and prosecuting them to the fullest extent of the law. I think through prosecution other people will think twice and I think we should see some dimunition of this kind of thing.”

While he could not put a price tag to such operations, he said costs were factored into areas like investigations, prosecutions, as well as victim support, of which he noted he wanted to see more.

He had stated in his earlier address that learning about how the crimes were carried out, the prosecution of perpetrators and protection of victims were vital to the fight. (LB)

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