Up taws to lines!

I did not pitch marbles with the students when I was teaching. I did, however, organise a musical combo and a scout troop.

With so many female principals at our coeducation schools I can hardly see them getting down and dusty. If a principal does occasionally, and I repeat occasionally, pitch marbles it may be a chance for learning/teaching.

For instance, if he had to borrow a single marble or a few he might talk about the importance of being able to share. If he had been told by some brave student, “Down taw nuh brush!” He may still have “brushed” but then missed his target. He might then use the episode to point out that if one breaks the rule the result may not be beneficial to the rule breaker. But this type of “school boy” participation must be the exception rather than the rule.

But here’s a pitch: I wonder if our current Prime Minister learnt about role reversal from a verbalised rule used in a board game which is “touch a man move a man”. He might have been given that warning by the eager 11 who might have implied that if he “touched” any of them he might have been the man moved. But yet again they might simply have told him in marble speak “up taws to lines”, in other words wheel and come again – which he did.

— Michael Rudder

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