Aiming for animation industry

Minister Kellman observing the creation of one of the animations.

The global animation industry is expanding fast and Barbados should not be left behind.

This morning as he addressed the official opening of the offices of the Caribbean Digital Media Centre Inc., Minister of Small Business and Rural Development, Denis Kellman, said that the estimated revenues from the animation industry worldwide have been growing annually at a rate of 20 per cent to 30 per cent.

For more than 100 years animation was only seen as a form of entertainment via cartoons, now they were increasingly being used in films, television programmes, commercials, games and on-line education, he said.

He added too that animation products also have applications in the medical, architectural and legal fields.

The global non-entertainment industry including work in scientific and medical animation now accounts for billions of dollars in revenue, Kellman said, as he encouraged politicians to utilise the sector since, as he said, “there is a need to use animation to show the progress we are making in crisis times”.

CDMCI commenced operations in Barbados in March this year and will be operating in the movie, video and television production industry. The Harbour Industrial Park-based company employs 30 people presently with views to expanding.

The Minister said one of the company’s goals was to make Barbados a globally recognised centre for animation as well as a premier animation training institute for Barbadians, who before might have looked at their talent as just a hobby.

“This will be done by enabling the company to been seen as an offshore centre which delivers quality animation products to all customers. A training centre where superior animation skills in all of its trainees can be developed and a development centre which seeks out Barbadians with evergreen ideas that have global appeal, which can be translated into quality animation products for the global market.

“As the information age progresses there is a need for Barbados for an innovative medium that facilitates, communicates and information sharing to a broad segment of the population and to make sure that animation is accessible to all. Having a company like CDMI located here will make this task a lot easier.

“The growth and development of interactive media and animation production are as part of the industrial sector could very well start an economic base at some proportions on this island when one notes that one of the goals of the CDMI is to be recognised as the premier animation company in the Caribbean and to challenge the world this outcome is more than a dream it could be a reality.

“Animation can boost to being a sub-sector and it can boast of being a creative industry as a consequence its interjection at this level to the entrepreneurial landscape of Barbados is very much in sync with the Government’s thrust to develop the cultural sector,” he said. (KC)

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  1. Michael Watkins September 11, 2012 at 8:09 pm

    This story kinda makes it seem as though there was no animation industry before CDMI. As a local with my own animation company and a few animation awards under my belt working in a few of the fields of animation I just wanted to clarify that the industry has been going for quite a while now.
    A few years ago I had even taught some classes at ministry of education.


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