Ole age??

Waking up to a new day, a beautiful morning, but waking up with the most aches and pains. Lifting yourself off the pillow, well trying to lift yourself off, cause that back pain ainttt nothing easy… Finally sitting up on the edge of the bed, you sit there smiling, smiling cause you have made it this far, lived to see another day, praise be to God! However, you take a stand, oh my, you sit back down on the bed that left foot, the pain, it’s excruciating…

After a struggle to the medicine cabinet, one step today and two steps tomorrow, and a struggle back to the bed, two steps today and one step tomorrow, you have with you, TA TA TA TA, the almighty, muscle rub, halleluja…

The rub down begins!

You start with the back, you try to rub/reach as far as you can, then it’s on to the foot, you spread the muscle rub all over, even to places you know probably don’t need it. Ahhhh boiiii, all finish! You sit there and wait, then it hits you, that burning sensation from the muscle rub, you think to yourself, it MUST be working.

As the muscle rub starts to work its magic, you wonder, is the ole age creeping up on me? What’s with all of these aches and pains? Am I getting old??

Cindy 😀


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