Creative in class

I find it’s easier for readers to relate when it’s something they are experiencing or have experienced.

So I started school this week, university to be exact and the teaching style is different. You have lectures and tutorials hence lecturers and tutors lol…duhhhhhhh. These are the people responsible for making sure you grasp the whole concept of whatever course you’re doing.

It’s only fitting that they possess the necessary skills to disseminate the information they have in the best way possible, to ensure that they have a high percentage of passes. Right?

I personally believe that anyone in the teaching profession should take public speaking classes. Knowing the work is one thing, expressing yourself to ensure that people grasp what you’re saying is something totally different.

Presence is also essential. Think about it as being a performance so to speak. You want to keep the students interested for the duration of the class. A two-hour class is not easy. Be creative.

I have a lecturer who stutters, which means they’re gonna take twice or even four times as long to say what they want to. Again I’m not questioning his knowledge of the course but rather if he possess the skills necessary to teach.

Of course this is a personal opinion right. But I could only imagine someone who knows the work and is also interesting.

Have a good semester everyone.


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