More than words

Scantlebury gets a knock from one of the appreciative residents.

by Kimberley Cummins

President of the New Barbados Kingdom Alliance, Apostle Lynroy Scantlebury, considers himself a man of his words.

Last Thursday he visited Silver Hill in the constituency of Christ Church West Central, where he was greeted by several outspoken residents who were expressing their concerns about what they believed to be a lack of representation from their representative, Stephen Lashley.

Many of the residents who spoke to Barbados TODAY said they were not asking for hand outs, but rather they just needed a hand up so they could help themselves and their families.

Before Scantlebury left, he promised that within a week he would return to help them get the process started — and yesterday evening he did just that.

Armed with a truck load of empty barrels, shovels, gloves, sand, cement and paint, the leader of the NBKA headed to the district.

He said one of the reasons his party took the particular items was because when they visited previously one of the main things the residents said they wanted were community projects.

“They talked especially about a road tennis tournament, so I said that sounded like a very good idea that would build community awareness and foster community spirit. Yesterday, I took those things for them to clean the area up and so they could finish both road tennis courts so we can start planning for the tournament for next month.

“I had a chance to speak to the President of the Road Tennis Association, Mr. Frost, and showed him the proposed flyer we have for the tournament and that we had already spoken to some sponsors and we were planning as soon as they have the court and area cleaned up we will get things on stream for the tournament to get started.

“One of the things we will be doing as well is taking a load of marl in the area to cover some of the mosquito prone areas. We are taking one step at a time to help alleviate the problems up there — we have plans to help everyone. We have several projects planned but we can only implement them one at a time,” he said.

Yesterday when the leader of the new political party arrived in Silver Hill he found the MP and Minister of Culture there. He said he believed his presence was clearly a response to the article which was printed in this paper last Friday September 2.

Scantlebury further said that his arrival showed the level of disrespect that politicians have for Barbadians. He called it “political Santa Claus behaviour”; where one would not see a politician for years then months before an election is called they showed up bearing gifts to win the hearts of the people.

“That has to come to an end in Barbados — the time has come for politicians to treat Barbadians properly. At the end of the day, people are people; regardless if they are rich or poor, and people must be treated like people and they have not been treating Barbadians like people. Some of the youngsters that were there said to me ‘Mr Scantlebury, don’t mind he is up here, we working with you’ but even … in St. Peter it is the same cry.

“We don’t see Owen Arthur, we don’t see Haynesley Benn and when they do show up, they show up with all these grand plans that they want to implement in a week’s time.

“To me that is the highest level [misrepresentation] that any person can show to an individual. You can’t go into a relationship with a person, disappear for four years, then show up with gifts and expect the person to open their arms to you. That is the type of thing that has to stop in Barbados — it has to come to an end. I saw that yesterday for myself plainly. The thing that I said to the youngsters up there is that they cannot be suckered by this type of behaviour all the time.”

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