Carnival Castaways Miami-bound

A piece of Bimshire is headed to Miami Broward One Carnival in the form of Castaways.

The 2012 carnival band is brought by Unies International and was launched in August at the Coral Mist Beach Hotel in Worthing Christ Church.

It has already received a lot of interest and band leader Alison Adams told Barbados TODAY when she conceived the concept for the costumes she kept in mind the fact that the harsh economic environment was affecting everyone world over; hence this year’s theme- as she said, “a castaway is a person who fights to survive”.

While she had worked to keep the costumes accessible to everyone she was adamant that she had not sacrificed the integrity of the designs and materials. Rather, she emphasised, she would stay true to the art of costume designing by being creative with what she had.

The carnival will be held on October 7 and in addition to beautiful and well-made costumes, a wonderful jump up; a host of prizes and surprises are in stored for the expected 150 band members.

The three sections are: Arawak Indian, Rogue Pirate, and The colonials. (KC)

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