In just ten weeks, nine students were able to create beautiful works of art.

For just one day each week from June 7 until August 9, they ventured to the Briar Hall Resource Centre in Christ Church to participate in the Fabric Surface Decoration class.

When the Barbados TODAY team visited the resource centre this afternoon to view the displays there was a buzz of activity. Many members of the public were as well there to view the presentations and some said they were shocked, proud and very excited about what the students had done in such a short space of time. A few were even more enthused and could be seen with application forms with a resolve to register for the free course.

Community Development Aid, Cheryl Lewis, said the class was introduced for the first time because they realised that tie-dye and embroidery had become obsolete as there was much emphasis being placed on course in nails and hair. She said they hoped it could infuse a fresh desire in members of the community to get involved in the art of embroidery and tie-dye once again.

Some items on display were: batik art, table mats, table cloths and runners, tie-dyed clutch bags, dresses, peg bags and tote bags.

One of the student in the beginner’s class was Miriam Whitaker; her green cotton dress, accessorised with a painted batik bottom, matched with an orange cotton jacket detailed with batik was one of the pieces which brought many viewers to her corner. She said it was hard work but she enjoyed it.

Additionally, she noted that while she did have previous experience in sewing the class that helped her to hone other skills she recognised tutor, Lisa Greene, for her help.

The students made all their items (except the tee-shirts which were tie-dyed) from scratch. Lewis, who is also a participant, said the next step for the class would be to continue with a sewing class; since it was needed so they were able take their skills further. (KC)

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