JMMB leads market rally

A broad based rally across most sectors, saw the major Caribbean Indices end the week of August 31 higher.

For the week, 13,600,340 shares valued at $3,390,466 crossed the floors of the six stock exchanges across Caricom, with 53 stocks advancing, 29 declining and 42 remaining unchanged. Jamaica Money Market Brokers was the volume leader with 3,358,996 shares being traded, Ciboney posted the largest gain for the week (49.94%), while on the losing end, Honey Bun fell (19.22%).

For the week, 16 of the CSX 30 stocks advanced, seven declined and seven were unchanged. The CSX 30 gained 9.72 points to close the week at 1,361.77, up 3.56 per cent year to date. In the CSX 30 there were gains for CW Jamaica (4.89%), Lascelles (4.56%), Scotia Group Jamaica (3.71%), Guardian Holdings (2.42%), Caribbean Cement (1.60%), NCB Jamaica (1.55%) and Neal & Massey (1.09%). On the losing end, Grace Kennedy fell (4.12%), Desnoe & Geddes (3.21%) and Banks DIH (2.84%).

The Junior Market staged a recovery of sorts with seven stocks advancing and five declining. The CJSX gained 6.17 points to close the week at 1,541.59, down 15.15% for the year. There were gains for Jamaica Teas (4.84%), Blue Power (3.15%) and Lasco Manufacturing (2.78%). On the losing end Honey Bun fell (19.22%), Lasco Financial (2.89%), Lasco Distributors (2.40%) and Access Financial (2.36%).

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