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Police Superintendent Livingstone Eversley speaking at police headquarters yesterday.

Barbados is known as one of the most “comfortable” islands in the Caribbean and all citizens must play their part to ensure it remains this way.

So said police Superintendent Livingstone Eversley as he addressed a Fraud Awareness Seminar hosted by the Royal Barbados Police Force at police headquarters yesterday.

Eversley, who was the featured speaker, told about 26 members of the business society who were present that dealing with crime should not be seen as an “us and them” situation.

“We must work together in a partnership to build this nation,” he said. “We cannot do it alone, we must depend on you to assist us in doing it.

“We are not trying to make you into police officers…, this is just an awareness seminar to guide you and help you so that you would understand when there is a crime about to be perpetrated on you or on the business there are certain things that you can do that would help us in finding the persons…

Getting prepared

“If we can prepare you to deal with the situation it would make our jobs a lot easier because we would not have to extend the resources. There is a lot that we have to extend when we are dealing with finding perpetrators for a crime. We still must live in the society so let us do our part to make the society safe,” he said.

The participants in the seminar learnt about robbery prevention, card security features, fraud and skimming and other security information.

Eversley further urged the participants to develop a relationship with all law enforcement officers as this could only benefit the businesses, noting that the force had seen the importance of such seminar and they intended to host other sessions to encouragement further knowledge on issues that affect businesses.

“We have recognised that strong businesses are the backbone of any thriving society and indeed you will find that with the fear of crime you will find that investors … might now want to come to a particular location…

“We as police officers will endeavour to ensure that Barbados remains one of the safest places in the Caribbean and elsewhere for people to do business.

“We have also recognise the fact that crime not only affects businesses but you the workers are also affected… When there is a crime at a business … there is some displacement… and as a result the business suffers,” he said. (KC)

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