Citizens rescue trapped toddlers

Pick axe being used to pry open the door of the BMW motorcar on Hope Road yesterday.

KINGSTON — A near half-hour attempt to rescue two toddlers accidentally locked inside a BMW X6 created nervous moments for the female driver of the high-end vehicle and a crowd that quickly gathered as news of the incident spread inside the Winchester Business Centre on Hope Road in Kingston yesterday.

Fearing that the scorching mid-afternoon sun was making the inside of the vehicle uncomfortable and life-threatening for the toddlers, people in the crowd – having learnt that the key to the X6 were inside the driver’s handbag, which was also locked inside – urged that something be used to smash one of the windows.

One man tried, using a large wrench. But the tool merely bounced off the glass on the front passenger side with each attempt.

Accepting that the wrench would not do the trick, another man, armed with a pick axe, walked up and swung the tool’s pointed end into the window. It barely marked the glass. He gave up after two more swings.

By now, police and men dressed in white shirts branded BMW were on the scene as concern for the lives of the children grew among the very vocal crowd.

Just before firefighters arrived, two of the men in the branded white shirts startled some in the crowd when they started using the pick axe to pry open the door on the driver’s side.

The strategy didn’t work. However, enough space was created between the door and the cabin, allowing one of the men in the branded shirt to use a wire to hook the handbag and pull it up, giving the driver the opportunity to reach into her bag and get the key.

She quickly opened the doors and the toddlers were rushed to a doctor in the complex. (Observer)

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