No easy road

Laying flowers at the grave of Shanna Griffith.

Life has not been easy for the Griffith and Phillips families since the passing of their beloved Shanna Griffith two years ago on September 3.

Today, the grief came rushing back for the loss of a daughter gone too soon.

With Griffith’s mother, Sherry resting on his back, tears streaming down her face, the deceased girl’s father, Stanley Phillips told those that gathered at Coral Ridge Memorial Gardens to remember his daughter’s passing that it had been a tough two years.

“Ya gone but not forgotten. Ah miss de arguments, ah miss de jokes. Life real hard without ya. I actually loss ma way a bit, loss ma motivation — everything. Life hard without ya,” he said, even as his eyes remained hidden behind dark shades in the brutal afternoon sun.

Even after the wreaths began resting against the hilly grave, relatives of the other families came forward to lend their support to the Phillips and Griffith families in their time of mourning.

It was a scene that would be repeated throughout the afternoon, as each of the four girls buried in Barbados, and the two abroad would be recalled.

David Comissiong, Head of the September 3rd Foundation, which organised the day of remembrance on behalf of the six girls who perished in the Campus Trendz fire, noted: “Because somebody like Shanna Griffith lived we can ensure that positive things happen in Barbados because this young lady lived.

“If she didn’t live, we would not be here today, there would not be a September 3rd organisation doing things. So it is up to us to make her life even more meaningful and powerful by what we do, inspired by her and in her name.”

Posters with her likeness, flowers, wreaths, even a porcelain angel, were laid on Griffith’s grave by those gathered as they paid respect to the young woman — gone but certainly not forgotten. (LB)

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