Mum: Eleventh child my last

Kezi Doughty holds her newborn, her eleventh child, on Saturday.

PORT OF SPAIN — Following the birth of twin girls on Saturday, new mother of 11, Kezi Doughty, who was charged with neglecting her children, has vowed to have no more.

Doughty had five of her children taken away from her by the court back on June 28 after she was found guilty of the offence.

On that day, Doughty was also sentenced to five months behind bars for the offence and fined by a San Fernando Magistrate.

Attorney Peter Taylor filed an appeal on Doughty’s behalf and she was placed on $50,000 bail by a Port of Spain judge.

Since she was released from prison, she had been staying at the Eternal Light Community.

Yesterday Taylor said that Doughty will remain there and be allowed to keep the twin girls who are yet to be named.

Doughty, who was admitted to the San Fernando General Hospital on August 23, on Saturday gave birth at 1:48 p.m. and 4:16 p.m. The children weighed seven and eight pounds and were delivered one day before the due date.

One was delivered by Caesarean section.

“When I saw them I said, they so big. I am weak and tired but I’m happy,” she told reporters yesterday.

She is now the mother of five boys and six girls. Four of the children live with relatives.

Taylor visited Doughty yesterday and said: “This is a fitting end to this stage of Kezi Doughty’s life.”

He called on groups to lend support to Doughty who has been married since 2008 to Robert Augustus. (Express)

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