Bonding for better Bim

David Comissiong addressing today’s gathering in Heroes Square.

The September 3rd Foundation is counting on the lives of the six Campus Trendz victims to propel a movement of safety, love and being your brother’s keeper in Barbados.

Head of the foundation, David Comissiong, said today following trips to four graves in Barbados that he hoped the day would have bonded the families as they acknowledged and shared in each other’s pain.

Furthermore, he said, the foundation had held discussions with the Ministry of Family, with the view to having programmes aimed at social cohesion in the future.

“We are going to be sitting down as an organisation very shortly and working out some concrete projects that we are going to submit to the Ministry of Family, Youth and Culture to see if we can collaborate on them,” he said.

He said they had already decided that they would like to use the poem Revelation by Barbadian Hilton Vaughan, along with the images of the six girls to disseminate positive messages to the public.

Comissiong said as well that they were hoping to involve the arts and culture in programmes that would spread similar messages.

He said he believed the observance today had served the purpose of bringing the families together and now they wanted that cohesion to occur on a larger scale.

“[W]e hope that today has been a meaningful experience for the entire nation of Barbados as well, and we are asking the people of Barbados to let these six beautiful, blameless young women become the symbols upon which we build a powerful, social movement to make Barbados a better place, to confront and combat the whole issue of violent crime,” he said.

The organisation, he added, wanted to promote September 3 as a day of national significance where all instances of violent crime would be the focus.

“We need to bear in mind that this is an issue that is not going away. Just two days ago we had another brutal murder in Barbados where an elderly man in his 80s was found stabbed to death.

“This cannot be acceptable in a small intimate society like Barbados. We can do better, we must do better and let us use the inspiration of these six young women to do better,” he urged. (LB)

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