What goes around…

This is one letter you don’t need to reply to. I don’t want any answer. I just want this good fuh nuttin man who always trying to fool people that he is some saint to know that I see him. Three times in the last two weeks I see him and he think he so smart.

Well, let me tell you so he can read it, because I know he does read Barbados TODAY. When ever I pass his desk he does have it on he screen. This man, who happens to be the manager, has always been insisting that the company rules say people who work there can’t get involved with each other; how that is the rule from head office in the US.

But I see how he start looking at this young thing who recently start working here and I had my suspicions. One night I saw them coming out of Chefette in Rockley near 11 o’clock and I smile to myself, but kept my mouth shut because they did not see me.

That same weekend I see them in de Gap, but I shift quick so they didn’t see. Not long after they walk back to de car holding hands. I know then they were in something, but in de office they act all prim and proper.

But here is the sweet part. Last weekend I in de drive-in with a friend, in his car, and who should pull up and drive all the way over in the corner at the back, but the secret couple. I know his car, but I did not know she was in it until she walked pass me and went to the snackette to buy food.

Real hot

Well that food was real hot, because an hour after she got back into the car the windows were still fogged up. I ain’t got no problem with no man choosing who he will sleep with, and as far as I know he ain’t got no wife or woman, but my problem is that for all these years he give people real hell if he even had a hint that they liked each other.

But de old people always used to say “what goes around comes around” and I am tempted to drop a little note in the suggestion box when the directors from overseas come in next month.

For now I will just leave it here because I know when he reads it he will now that it is him the letter is about.

Office Spy

Since Yuh Asked, OS, all I will say right now is that while you may be upset about his tough stance on the rules in the past, you can’t kill him for enforcing them, although there is a hint in what you said that suggests it was more his manner that bothered you.

Remember something else the old people used to say: Love is blind. So now he is in love, he will be blind to the rules. Rather than killing him, now might be a good time to influence him into trying to get the rules changed. It is possible to have legitimate inter-office relationships, once there are sensible rules to govern the conduct of parties.

And by your own admission it is not like he is cheating on a partner – although you did not say anything about her relationship status.

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