Top honour for Olympic athlete

PORT OF SPAIN — Trinidad’s youngest gold medal Olympian Keshorn Walcott received another gold medal today.

This time, it’s the Order of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago for his service in sport.

Walcott, 19, became the second Olympic gold medallist from Trinidad and Tobago at the recently concluded 2012 Olympic Games in London, England. And today joined 75 other people in receiving this country’s highest accolades on the occasion of the 50th Independence anniversary.

Other recipients of national awards include Dr Hamid Ghany for his service in education, Dr George Laquis for his service in medicine, Peter Elias for his contribution to fashion and Lalman Nanan for his contribution to community service.

Seven journalists will also be receiving awards for their contributions to the field; among them are Express columnist Lennox Grant and former reporter Phoolo Danny-Maharaj.

Recipient of the Humming Bird medal gold, veteran journalist Grant said last night he was pleased to be among the awardees.

“The National Award system, in this 50th Independence anniversary year, notably recognises journalism by honouring more practitioners than usual in any single year.

“I am gratified to be among the Humming Bird Gold recipients and to share in the implied salute to a profession that I have followed for 44 years,” he said.

Chairman of the Trinidad and Tobago Cancer Society Dr George Laquis, who was presented with a Chaconia medal gold, said the award might be in his name, but it was a victory for the Cancer Society.

“You know, it’s an honour whenever I get an award, but it’s always an honour for the Cancer Society because this is really who deserves it,” he said. (Express)

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