Removing the danger

MTW workmen repainting the road signs at the Oldbury/ Mangrove Junction where a number of serious accidents occurred recently.

The Ministry of Transport and Works is continuing its efforts at improving dangerous road junctions around Barbados.

One such junction is Greaves Hill/Mangrove/Market Road Junction in St. Philip which was the scene of recent serious accidents, including a fatality.

Workmen from the Ministry recently debushed and repainted the area near the junction to improve the visibility of motorists and a team has started placing reflective markers on the road. “Traffic calming measures” will also be implemented at the junction, starting next week and a utility pole will be relocated to improve the safety of road users.

In a statement, the ministry said: “The ministry is very saddened by the recent loss of life at the junction and is encouraging motorists to play their part by exercising caution when using this and other roadways.”

Earlier this week Barbados TODAY published a commentary from entertainer Adrian “Boo” Husbands, describing the junction as a death trap and calling on authorities to take urgent corrective action. This followed a major collision days earlier in which his wife was involved.

“What was most interestingly disturbing for me,” Husbands said, “was the number of comments about the volume and severity of accidents which occur at this place. Indeed one nearby resident said that she had the misfortune of seeing a female involved in a fatal accident there a few short weeks ago.

Most people at the scene, particularly residents of the area, recalled the horror stories associated with traversing that junction.

“It is also my understanding that numerous appeals to authorities have resulted in only ‘a lotta long talk’.

“I tried to contact MP and Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite to find out whether he was aware of the threat and risks facing motorists using this ill-fated stretch of roadway. I noticed a missed call from him to which I have not yet responded.

“Please don’t tell me about funds or rather about lack of funds. We find funds to do important things when we must do important things. If you tell me that there are insufficient funds to do something to prevent further loss of life and limb to road tax paying users of the public highway I will extrapolate that this is not important.

“Make the solution effective, affordable and rapid. Stop signs all around cannot cost $600,000 to look into it. I am hopeful that traffic lights may even cost less.”


MTW workmen repainting the road signs at the Oldbury/Mangrove Junction where a number of serious accidents occurred recently.

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