No sign of Lashley

Listening with an attentive ear.

by Kimberley Cummins

Some residents in the Christ Church West Central constituency say they are frustrated and fed up and they want new representation.

A large group of very vocal residents of Silver Hill, Christ Church declared this yesterday evening to President of the New Barbados Kingdom Alliance, Apostle Lynroy Scantlebury, as he toured the constituency.

A man, who asked to be called “Storm” shouted that all their representative for the area had done in five years was to build “two steps” — referring to stands recently built to accommodate spectators of sporting activities on the basketball court. Another said they were “promised the moon and the stars” but nothing was delivered.

Among their issues were the lack of a safe play area for the large number of children; sanitary changes rooms for sports people; and the mosquito and rodent infested dilapidated supermarket building in the area. With a high level of unemployment in the area, they said, another major bone of contention among the crowd was the lack of a community centre for the people of Silver Hill to enhance their skills.

“From the time the Bees were in,” Storm said as he pointed to the derelict supermarket building, “this was supposed to be a community centre. They start it a couple months before elections and they get voted out so it stopped there.

“Then when Lashley come, nothing ain’t happen. Look what he put there for people. He call them stands but when the rain come down and when the sun shine them ain’t no help to you. So what they there for?

“I would like to see a lot of emphasis placed on the youths. The youths in this area need things, that is why you would see people want to talk about the people from Silver Hill is this and that, but the youths don’t have nothing to employ their mind. I find that is the problem.

“For example, here should have in computers, offering courses, that kind of thing. I would like to see that personally because I know the youths want work and thing but you got to start small. The youths going school and a lot falling through the system and then what happening there, nothing ain’t happening.

“So if you can get something going on that these people could get an idea of what going on in the world of work that they can be better prepared — that would help”.

Another concerned resident, who gave his name as “Rich”, said he contacted the NBKA because the people had decided they would not take the disrespect and total disregard anymore.

“The MP ain’t doing nothing but talking. The man don’t even come round, and if you doubt me ask anybody else — the man don’t come around. So we trying to survive on we own. This is months we ain’t see he; since the football here last year we ain’t see Mr. [Stephen] Lashley. If you ask ten people in Silver Hill where Stephen Lashley [constituency] office is they don’t know cause he move it from Kendal Hill.

“As you can see, Stephen Lashley get a big ministry and nothing ain’t going on here. We need jobs, we don’t need money; we need jobs to get we own money. Nuff of we ain’t working; sufferation great right now. I know things hard but sufferation great in Silver Hill. We really need the help, we ain’t want more promises — the promises ain’t cutting it no more.

“You could interview nuff people and they would say the same thing; we need help, we need work. Households big, people need jobs. We had to put a little tennis court on that hard court we self and we ain’t even finish because the paint run out. People tired and we need a change,” he said.

Apostle Scantlebury told Barbados TODAY that because of the called he received he decided to visit the area to see if the situation was as bad as he was led to believe. He said that based on what he found the residents’ complaints were valid.

“There is very high unemployment, with no play area for the kids, no community centre for the kids. A gentleman just told me that for the last 15 years they said this particular building would be a community centre and up to now not a community centre, just very, very deplorable conditions. “Residence are complaining that they just need help, they need a start. They are very disturbed and angry with the representation and they are asking for somebody to come into this area and to really help them. The NBKA will actually partner with an organisation to come into this area to help the young men and young ladies … because as they say they just need a start,” he said.

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