Home in the forest

by Emmanuel Joseph

Anyone passing Thicketts in St. Philip and looking in the direction of those acres and acres of plantation sugarcane and grass, would also see a thick expanse of forest and no sign of life in sight.

But, wait. Is that a house way up there, all alone, sandwiched between the forest and the canefield?

Yes, it is.

What’s going on? Why would anyone build a house in the middle of a jungle, and be the only home at that?

Well, when a Barbados TODAY team passed the same area yesterday, we decided to venture off the beaten track in search of answers to those questions.

The estimated 200 metres of narrow, unpaved track that led us to the home of Al and Philomena Layne and their two children, Allison and Candace, runs neatly between the fields of cane and grass.

We were greeted by an unknown number of loudly barking dogs as our vehicle approached the house, which from afar appeared like two buildings, but turned out to be just one large attractive, classically designed domicile.

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