Child Care Board to be reformed

Minister of Family and Youth, Stephen Lashley has announced plans to reform the Child Care Board.

Lashley made the disclosure this afternoon at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre, during the question and answer segment of a national consultation on The Changing Barbadian Society.

However, Lashley said there was need for funding and personnel in order to achieve this.

He said Government would also have to continue reviewing the legislation governing the board, adding that training of various levels of professionals was critical.

Lashley noted that the proposed Family Court would require support as well, including upgrading the skills of social workers and other professionals to work with that tribunal.

On the question of a National Youth Service, the minister revealed that Cabinet had just approved a National Youth Policy and the proposed Youth Service formed part of that. He noted that the Youth Service proposal would soon be introduced into Parliament for a national debate.

Earlier in his address to the gathering, Lashley said his Government would not apologise for consulting with all the people all the time.

He pointed out that the recommendations of the recent Religious Summit would be considered at the current national consultation on the society.

“It is hoped that this consultation will unveil the challenges that impact on the potential of all Barbadian citizens, making our discussions on the well-being of present and future generations of critical importance,” observed the government official.

He suggested that by using a multi-sectoral approach to defining societal issues, the Government aimed to highlight positive values and best practices as well as to suggest key corrective measures to address social challenges and problems.

“Maintaining and strengthening partnerships between governmental, non-governmental organisations and the wider society, is also an important outcome we endeavour to achieve, with a view to building our society in a manner that is sustainable,” Lashley asserted.

The minister urged the consultation to consider the important linkages between the social development structures which equip Barbadians with the knowledge and skills needed to add to existing productive systems so as to further economic development. (EJ)

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