No talks with gang leaders

Jack Warner

PORT OF SPAIN — National Security Minister Jack Warner is insisting there will be no negotiation with gang leaders.

He gave that assurance during yesterday’s news conference at his Abercromby Street office in Port -of-Spain. Warner said he received a report on the recent controversial meeting at St Paul’s Street, Laventille last week where alleged gang leaders were said to be in attendance.

Warner said the report was submitted to him “a couple days ago” and among the demands of the alleged gang leaders were provision of “sustainable jobs, a better understanding with the police and attention to be paid to their infrastructure. Those are the kind of things they ask for and they said they were desirous of putting down their arms”.

Warner said the Government was not going to negotiate with gang leaders in order to get peace.

“They could put down their arms but we’re not negotiating with them. If you want peace put down your arms, go to the police and so on but we shall not negotiate, we will not do that and that is the end of the matter,” Warner said.

“We won’t say we giving you a job so put down a firearm … we giving you two jobs so put down two firearms, we won’t say that, ” Warner added.

Warner said about 40 or 50 people attended the Laventille meeting. Asked if the attendees were gang leaders, Warner said he could not say as he was not present.

He said: “They were saying that the community is prepared to go to all lengths to put down their arms, whoever they are, we don’t know.”

He insisted: “There will be no concession with criminals.” (Guardian)

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