Man fatally shot

Forensic team at the scene of yesterday’s murder.

PORT OF SPAIN — The brother of executed murderer Dole Chadee, aka Nankissoon Boodram, was shot to death yesterday afternoon.

Pandalal “Don” Boodram, 56, a fisherman, was killed outside a bar at Cooperative Street, Spring Village, Valsayn.

Boodram was shot several times as he stood outside Dolly’s Bar around 5:30 p.m.

Eyewitnesses told the Express that Boodram was having a drink and was chatting with patrons at the bar from about 4:30 p.m. yesterday.

As he stood outside near his white pick-up van in front the bar, a dark blue B13 car, pulled up alongside him.

The gunman, wearing a red cap, jumped out of the passenger side of the car and fired several shots at Boodram who fell into a nearby drain.

Patrons at the bar ducked for cover and the gunman and driver fled the scene.

Eyewitnesses said patrons at the bar tried to assist Boodram.

He was shot several times along the right side of his body.

Neighbours said they thought the gunshots were fireworks until people started to scream.

Up to late last night, Cooperative Street remained blocked off and crime scene investigators were gathering evidence, including the recovery of a number of spent bullet casings. (Express)

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