Let fund deal with claims

Independent senator, Geoffrey Cave, yesterday lamented the fact that of the 700 claims made following the passage of Tomas, none had reached the Catastrophe Fund.

Cave expressed this concern while the Senate was debating amendments to the Catastrophe Fund Act. He suggested that in a bigger and more destructive storm Barbados could have had 7,000 claims.

Cave further suggested that policy makers should use the opportunity to add more money to the Catastrophe Funds. Referring to fears raised that there might be political misuse, the independent senator said it was a useful warning.

Cave complained that there were a number of cases brought by the Auditor General on which the Senate has been unable to get satisfactory answers. He maintained that the powers that be should hold people accountable and where things have gone wrong in Government, Barbadians need to follow it through.

He acknowledged that the system that had been put in place, did not function.

“So I think that in moving forward let us find a way that we can access the funds and have it ready in case something bad happens in Barbados that people can get looked after.” Cave said.

The well known businessman cited the case of a 93 year-old man who was living in a house that had its roof torn off by Tomas. He added that the man had made several appeals to the representative of the area to have the roof replaced, but without results. Cave disclosed that privately the roof was being replaced, but he warned that there were many cases that had not been addressed. (NC)

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