No ordinary animals

Looking the creature in the eye.

Romal Jones is a budding artist with a passion for animals.

Last Sunday he hosted his first exhibition at the Queen’s Park Gallery at the Pelican Craft Centre titled: Animal Testing.

It was dubbed as an exhibition of sculptures of animals out of the ordinary and indeed it was. The winner of the Central Bank Purchase Award for the Crop-Over Visual Exhibition 2010 displayed a host of life-size animals, however, the twist was how he combined the animals.

For example, he mixed a tiger with a hippopotamus and called it a tipo. A crocodile mixed with a gorilla was called a crocodilla and an ostrich added to a lizard was an Ostrizard.

Though he admitted this was not the first time an artist fused animals it was the first time he knew of the fusion of the animals he selected.

“I had always loved animals, so this project came about when I was trying to do something with animals. When I did research I realised that many artists had done animals sculptures so I wanted to be different. I decided to create my own animals and an original art piece. The idea is not an original one but the combination is what made it mine.

“The response has been amazing; it has captured the imagination of the viewers. They were in awe of the technical aspect. I was able to create something different that people were excited about. Most said they looked like they would move. It really transpired among all generations; I got good feedback from little kids and older people.”

Jones is a former student of the Deighton Griffith Secondary School and he obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts at the Barbados Community College. He said his intention was to go overseas and study in a related area.

“I have a few more possible art pieces I want to complete first but at some point I want to learn other techniques to really forward my scriptural techniques and at some point I want to do even larger than life sculptures — and that might be coming very soon.

“I was told that I should be good at Maths and English but I was better at arts and any young one who was like me I would advise them to follow their dream; be it in the arts or wherever. The future is ours, just go for it and don’t be deterred by what people say,” he said.

The exhibition continues until September 29. (KC)

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