What flooding?

Minister of the Environment and Drainage, Dr. Denis Lowe.

Minister of the Environment and Drainage, Dr. Denis Lowe, has dismissed Opposition claims that there was widespread flooding in his constituency.

Lowe, who is also the parliamentary representative for the constituency of Christ Church East, issued this denial earlier today in response to claims made by Barbados Labour Party candidate for Christ Church East, Wilfred Abrahams, that there was flooding in such areas as Breedy’s Land, Chancery Lane, Gibbon’s Boggs, Roy Smith Corner, and Platinum Heights.

Addressing the issue of flooding in Breedy’s Land, Lowe pointed out that this is a wide expanse of land, therefore Abrahams would have to identify the specific area. Lowe told Barbados Today that when he came to live in the constituency the area in front of Roy Smith’s Shop had always experienced flooding.

However, the Christ Church East MP disclosed that a team from the Ministry of Transport and Works visited the area, sank a well and built up the curbs. Lowe said that since the work was completed, the well has been draining off most of the surface water.

The Minister of Drainage also disclosed that there was a natural water-course running from Roy Smith’s Shop to Silver Sands Park. Lowe said the run-off water encounters a “sand-dune” along its course and in recent times it had to be dredged to provide free passage to the sea. The MP charged he had never received any complaints of flooding from the residents of Chancery Lane, and pointed out that Gibbon’s Boggs was predominately agricultural land with its own network of wells.

In relation to flooding at Platinum Heights, which is located on an escarpment which overlooks Gibbons Boggs, Lowe pointed out that the problem had arisen through the quality of wells dug by private contractors.

Lowe noted that some of the wells dug were too shallow and in some cases they were located away from the flow of the surface water. He maintained that it was not fair to ask Government to correct faulty private sector work.

The minister disclosed that in some cases lots were not debushed and water settled, leading to the creation of breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

Offering a word of caution to his political opponent, Lowe said: “It is very critical that anyone who is proposing to represent constituents that that person does not create or interpret the situation suggesting that they exist as part of negligence, then to discover if they were to become the representative of the same people that the problems they now highlight are problems they themselves cannot rectify.” (NC)

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