Tongue-lashing for conned woman

KINGSTON — Eyes popped wide open in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court on Friday as persons expressed disbelief at what they termed the “stupidity” of a woman who police say was conned out of US$1,500 by two old men.

It is alleged that the complainant was walking along Marescaux Road in Kingston on the day in question when 69-year-old Tyrone Bailey tearfully approached her for help.

The man reportedly told the woman that he was searching for a real estate office in the area but could not find it and was becoming afraid as he had a huge sum of money on him.

While talking to the man, the complainant was reportedly joined by the second accused, Collin Liking, 56, who acted as if he too was concerned and he did not know Bailey, who reportedly then asked the complainant to allow him to deposit the sum in her account but requested proof that she had an active account. The complainant reportedly complied and went and withdrew the money and handed it over to them to check for her and they ran off with the sum.

The matter was reported and both were held and charged with larceny by trick.

“People in this day and age are still so stupid,” Magistrate Georgianna Fraser commented after hearing the allegation.

“People are still so gullible that they don’t know a man from Adam and you go and take out your money to prove to him that you have an account. For what? You’re doing him a favour. You don’t need to prove anything to him,” she said.

Liking, however, begged the magistrate for bail but the investigating officer told the court that he had not yet verified their given addresses in Kitson Town, St. Catherine.

As a result, both were remanded into custody and are to return to court on September 4. (Observer)

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