Struggling to survive

by Emmanuel Joseph

The fisherfolk at Six Men’s, St. Peter say they are struggling to survive, due to a lack of modern facilities from which to operate.

When Barbados TODAY visited the small beach front village this afternoon, no fewer than half dozen women and men were in the sea cleaning and scaling freshly caught fish.

A few boats were out to sea, while one fisherman was readying his vessel to push off to earn his daily bread.

Next to the road, another fisherman sold his catch of “jacks”.

“Fishermen here have been suffering for the past 30 years. Nothing has been done for fishing in Barbados. We want help,” declared the unofficial spokesman for the fishing village, who declined to reveal his name.

He said most of the common folk in Six Men’s either ate fish as their main meat or sold it for a living.

“We need modern facilities. A marina would solve our problem. It would attract more people down here. The nearby private development project would not benefit us. That is being built by private people, not by Government and would be for people with millions of dollars. We need our own project,” he insisted.

The project referred to is the multi million dollar Port Ferdinand, which comprises a marina and luxury villas. The main investor behind this venture is wealthy businessman Bjorn Bjerkham.

The fisherman claimed that rather than helping them upgrade their facilities, the Government seemed to want to relocate them on a nearby hill.

He noted that most of the people involved in the fishing business were beyond middle age and called for younger ones to join the industry.

Another suggestion which he said would attract more people to the parish, would be to turn the former home of the late National Hero and first Prime Minister of Barbados, Errol Barrow, at Nestfield, St. Lucy into an heritage site and tourist attraction.

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